Deductions that Reduces Taxable Income from Salary

              Income Deductable  Law/Particulars/Options/Limits Tips

              Recomputed HRA

              Deductions available in least of the below

              • Acutal HRA received

              • 50 of Basic  Salary + DA  , 40 % non metro

              • Actual rent paid less 10% of basic+DA * HR Walo ne Yearly Salary Cerificatemainahi Show kiya

              1) Ask for Revision in TDS Return - 2 Hr Job if actually wana do it. / or we will do for your company

              2) If Claiming the make sure - difference in declared salary by employer and your Net taxable salary in less then 10 % else income tax Notice . 

              Same City Khud


              Ghar - No

              HRAGenerally 30-40 %
              30,000 (5 yr conditon) /2,00,000
              Interest on Housing loan
              Deduction U/s 24 -Home loan interest.

              > after 1 st April 1999,
              > construction / Purchase  with 5 years of loan
              Tips - take in joint name with spouse Both get 2 lacs. 
              Rs 40,000 income deductable / 50k in 2019 Sab Salaried person to get . - transport  & medical gets removed.
              1,50,000 Rs 80- C Top advisable . 
              > Children Tution Fees
              > Bank Tax Saving FD - 5 yr 
              > Home Loan Principles replayment
              > Employee PF

              Least adivisble 
              > LIC, PPF, NABARD , NSC, Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme
              Do not waist money in Least advisible or sales pitch by agents , bhale hi jitna marji lucurative ho.
              25,000 Rs  Self Health Insurance  Every person must have if you are my clients.
              25,000 / 50,000  Young Parents - Healt Insurance 
              Above 60 & Happy parents life Insrance  - 50 k

              10,000(2018/19) / 50,000 > Happy  60 above people. Interest in Saving bank  if you have lot of interent in saving bank then do Flexi FD and earn more money.  more of this amount being bad.
              Education loan for hirher Eductaion  Interest Paid every year for 8 years.
              Self only . 
              No Limit
              Agar sister ke liye liya hai and I am paying - Well No allowed - but ....
              50,000 Rs  National Pension scheme - above 1,50,00 of 80 C 1.5 kisi aur mai ho sakta hai . poore 2.lac not in this. enjoy , bear kar sakte ho - to jaroor karo .like tution fees and PF hai to.
              Company Ne HRA nahi diya & you Paiying actual Rent .   
              bahot log ko ye nahi pata . 
              Section - 80 GG - least of below - Actual Paid
              > Rs 5,000 per month claim. 
              >25 % of total total income - (excluding Cap gain, and after 80 C)
              > rent paid less 10 % total income - like above.
              Tab bhi jab company ke HR - HRA dikhana bhul gaye.  - Enjoy. 
              Ha - Flancers too

                  Rarely Usable Deductoin

                  e rest

                  Income Deductible Law/particular/Option/Limits Tips
                  75,000 The Deduction is available if individual(self) is suffering from disability Doctor Certificate . if possible. 
                  1,25,000 The Deduction is available if Individual(self) suffering from severe Disability If any person has severe Disability get doctor certificate and get
                  40,000/100,000* Or Amount actually paid whichever is low medical Expenditure on self or dependent relative for diseases specified in Rule 11DD u/s 80DDB
                  * More than 60 Years old > 1 lacs

                  50,000  -  First time home buyers can claim an additional Tax Deduction of up to Rs. 50,000 on Home loan interest payment u/s 80EE
                  >The home loan should have been sanctioned during/after FY 2016-17.
                  >Loan Amount should be less than 35 Lakh.
                  >The value of the house should not be more than Rs. 50.0 Lacs.
                  > Pahale se Koi ghar khudke naam pe registered nahi hai.  No Self Owned House.

                  In case Interest actual pay is More than 2,00,000.
                  Then do tax planning looking at wife ka Income ya - wife ke naam old registry.