HR Compliance In India 

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For Employee(s) majorly three laws applicable in India

  • Provident Fund (PF) Act

  • Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESI)

  • Income Tax 

Company Internal Policies as agreed at the time of Joining.

Company Having 15 Employee OR less Employee
  • A company must withhold Tax(TDS) of Employee(s) and pay TDS on 7th of Every Month.

  • Director if taking Salary, are as Equal to all other Employee of Company.

  • Process Payroll every Month and Issue salary Slips.

  • Take Tax Declaration form from the employee in Month of April & May.

  • Take Investment Proof in Month of Feb and March.

  • Issue Yearly Consolidate Salary Statement & TDS Certificate.

  • PF & ESI Act & Returns are not Applicable.

Company Having more than 15 Employee

In addition to Meet all the Requirements as stated above plus additional Requirements.

  • Deduct PF & pay to Government on a Monthly basis.

  • Deduct & pay ESI on a monthly basis.

  • File P.F Return Monthly.

  • File ESI Return monthly.