AeTx India Service

Your Indian Company CFO

India Entry Services

We Registered your Company in India.
We Consult & Take all Registration for your India
We Consult & Make you aware of "The Way Business Runs in India"
We help Indian Company Registration for Business in USA,   Australia  & Europe 
We help you do all overseas accounting & Compliances 
We Help you in International Taxation & Multi-Country Transactions  

Indian Company Going Multinational

All End-to-End Compliances in India

Your Indian Company Accounting, GST, we take over
Your Company Payroll, TDS would be complied by us for you
Your end Company filing & audit being done by us.
One Time 3 Day Internal Audit of your Company.
This One-time Audit Report gives your Company Health Report
If all Indian Law Compliances, Tax, GST, TDS and All are checked upon.
Your Company Financial Head & Overseas 

One Time Internal Audits