How much do we charge ?

This is not a straight answer since it depends.

Though we can specify a range however cannot quote price until we know your requirement in detail. Therefore can give a price range.

However once we understand the size of your organization, complexity of your service and urgency then only we will be able to send proposal with quote..

Rather than quoting you at first instance without analysing your unique situation. We'd love you to reach out and go through "Our Process".

Pricing Question

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Who do you tend to work with?

We advise and guide each client from starting till end on the best procedures to follow. So if you tend to save your time and money and care about the financial well-being of your company then we ensure a long term customer relationship with you.

Why we have not put a cost per task on this page?

We make a customized plan for each client based on their requirement of compliance may it be Tax , GST , ITR or any other. Since each organisation is in a different position, our price ranges differ and we think we did rather earn your trust during the process so you can truly compare us to others.

This does not imply that AeTx believes in overcharging its clients but means charging accurately per the assignment which is feasible for our client and us.

What do you expect from us if you hire us ?

We give you the professional support of an experienced CA to operate your firm in the best possible manner. If you are planning to launch a new business venture or work on a new investment plan then you can make use of the best talent and in depth knowledge to help you in boosting your profit margins. We consider our client as a family and serve you the way we would want to be served.

You can chat with us for your custom packages