AeTx USA Services

Compliances, Consulting & Audits

USA Company Formation

Our CPA in USA can help with your Company
Consulting you how & where to form a company 
Your company Compliance & Day-to-Day Duties
We Register your Company in India
We Consult & Provide all Registrations for you in India
We Consult & make you aware of "The Way Business Runs in India"


USA Company in India

USA Company Bookkeeping

With the Option of Quickbooks, Zero, Tally, SAP, we do your US Business Bookkeeping 
We Deliver monthly profitability of your business 
With our software,  We help you create Sales Invoices & manage your day-to-day business 

Marketing Automation-We Manage your contact, Write & publish Blog for you.
Send Festive Emails to your clients on your behalf.
Write your industry article & run your website for you


USA Company Automation

USA Company Process Management

We handle your Invoicing Process.
Save you time from bank Reconciliation or Amazon/Paypal Statement Reconciliation.
Help you with Receivable or Payable Management.
Contacts or any Data Management for you