Case StudIES

INternational Company Entry in INDIA

We have helped many companies to set up their venture in India from capital structure planning to all the compliances to be followed. Foreign Company FDI & RBI Advisory too.

Technical Industry

We have helped IT companies with their bookkeeping , tax and other financial responsibilities.

Connecting their sales data to an accounting system , automated board reports and accurate expense reporting.

Professional Services

Marketing , advertising, designing , hospitality , executive recruitment, HR, architecture, legal and management consultant. These are few of them to list...we can take your firm to right direction in various financial and economy related measures.

Mobile Network Industry

One of our favourite industries to work with who connect us to our valuable clients. Controlling the master data of the general ledger for them, ensuring all their compliances are met and maintaining their monthly financial reports.

Fashion and Designer Industry

We overcome and take away all the burden of financial operations from you and implement accounting systems and processes for you. We guide you through the changing business scenario.

Insurance Company

We can play a valuable role by becoming your financial planner. Our knowledge of the financial and technical aspects will result in a rapid growth for your industry.

E-Commerce and Retail

We can record your accounting entries from Paypal or Amazon for you ...

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