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Trusted CA Services in Gurgaon

International Taxation
  • Setup Wholly Own Company in India

  • Setup Foreign individual Company in India

  • Transfer Pricing Bench Marking & Book Building

  • Transfer Pricing Analysis, Advisory and Compliances

  • Advisory & services to NRI / Non-Indian on Taxations & withholding tax on sale / purchase of property in India

Audit and Assurance Services
  • Company Audits

  • GST Audits (Goods and Services Audit)

  • Tax Audits as per Income Tax  Act

  • Internal Audits

  • Stock Audits

  • Special Audit / Bank Audits/ Limited Review

Compliance Services
  • Bookkeeping and Monthly Reporting's

  • Income Tax Compliances

  • Goods & Services Tax Compliances 

  • Payroll, PF & ESI Compliances

  • Registrar of Company (ROC Compliances)

  • Transfer Pricing Compliances

  • RBI/FDI Compliances (foreign direct investments)

Miscellaneous Services for Existing clients
  • Issue of Digital signatures - Process & Documents Required. 

  • Issue of Net worth certificate & Documents required.

  • Issue for 15CA / CB - Remittance Certificates &. documents required.

  • Filling for Property TDS & Issue of Certificates.

  • Company shares valuations for FDI or Increase in Paid up share capital.

  • Change in PAN Address, Change in TAN Address, Change in address with PF & ESI Departments, updating in ROC Company Master

  • Support in Opening Bank Account, Help on Closure of Bank Account, support on change in Authorise Signatory in Bank account, support on Change in address in bank account,  support of loan documentation with bank.

  • KYC of director with ROC, KYC of Company with ROC, NOC from prior Auditor.

  • Help our clients Start their company in USA, 

ROC Services


  • Register a New Private limited company with all Indian Directors 

  • Appointment , Resignation & Removal of Director Fillings

  • Change is Company Address with in same city fillings.

  • Change is Company Address outside city fillings.

  • ROC fillings for Increase in company authorised share capital. 

  • Alterations of Memorandum of Association & Article of Association of Company

  • Change in Name of a Private limited Company fillings

  • Appointment of  Auditor of a company & Removal of Auditor in Company

  • Director Register / Share Allotment Register/ Share Transfer Register/ Mortgage Register/ Common Seal Register/ Minutes Book Register / Member Index Register / Member Shareholding Register/ Maintenance of Director Attendance Register / Register of Director Shareholding / Register of Shareholder

  • Promoter wise Shareholding Report 

One Time Registration Services (Advisable to Have)
  • Company Registration in India

  • Goods & Services Tax Registration in India

  • Trademark Registration in India

  • Withholding Tax (TAN) Registration in India

  • Foreign Company Registration in India

  • Import & Export Code Registration

  • Shop & Establishment Registration in India

  • One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India

  • Provident Fund Registration in India

  • Employee State Insurance (ESI) in India

  • MSME Registration

 Services we do Not serve either due to the reason of neither preferred or not advisable.
  • LLP Registration (We advise to do Private limited registration instead)

  • Partnership registration in India   - Most people just draft and sign the partnership deed, and present it as partnership registration where as in reality partnership registration is never done due to the complexity of registration and ethically, we do not plan to do that.

  • Proprietorship Registration:  There is no such registration in India, still we see many offering this service, where as you land up doing other registration like GST or MSME or Shop & Establishment or. any other registration in the end, which most probably would not be needed.

  • HUF Registration - We are sure, 95 % you also do not need it. 

  • 80-G Registration - this does not fall under our core expertise.

  • Co-operative society audits or society audits.

  • Insurance agency or insurance selling.

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