Services we do Not serve either due to the reason of neither preferred or not advisable.

  • LLP Registration (We advice to do Private limited registration instead)

  • Partnership registration in India - Most people just draft and sign the partnership deed, and present it as partnership registration where as in reality partnership registration is never done due to the complexity of registration and ethically we do not plan to do that.

  • Proprietorship Registration : There is no such registration in India, still we see many offering this service , where as you land up doing other registration like GST or MSME or Shop & Establishment or. any other registration in the end, which most probably would not be needed.

  • HUF Registration - We are sure, 95 % you also don't need it.

  • 80-G Registration - this does not fall under our core expertise.

  • Co-operative society audits or society audits.

  • Insurance agency or insurance selling.