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Our Process

1st Step.....

We learn about your service request

We determine your existing service request or issues and advise how we can help.

2nd Step....

Planning A Call 

This call with our Founder and Senior Partner, CA Ashish Agarwal will take you through various options  for working together and address each concern in detail.

Step by Step procedure can be discussed here.

3rd and Last Step...

Final Call & Proposal 

The next day, we will share the proposal with defined scope of work for your task and  pricing.

Any additional query will be answered may it be about the Company, Management Team,  or any other issue



  • What does AeTx do?


  • AeTx is delivering expert Chartered Accountant Service for over 26 year in Practice. We are a full-service firm that operates as the finance team for a wide variety of Indian and International businesses.

Our professional team is equipped to help with taxes, GST , advisory, Audit, bookkeeping, payroll, start up business services , assessment proceedings, notices ,case fillings and other finance functions.



  • Do I have to go through this process?


  • Yes , we would want our client to follow this procedure to build their trust before starting a transparent business  relationship. We want to understand and convey things at first step only so no  important information is missed.

We value corporate honesty and would want to follow this open communication policy. 

  • How long does this procedure takes?

  • The complete procedure from the initial call to our final proposal sharing with you will take 3 business days.We will take you through the scope of services and relative price range. This way we make a specific plan for you ; keeping in mind your unique task and requirements.


  • The best part of this procedure?


  • If you feel comfortable to to go ahead  with our first call only  then we would be pleased to let you know the price range and can  move forward with our business relationship with no delays.

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