Registrar of Company (ROC Compliances)

Registrar of Company (ROC Compliances)

According to The Companies Act there are certain compliances that are to be filed by any company.These are the regular filings that are needed to be submitted on an annual basis.ROC stands for Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs that deal with the administration of the Companies Act, 2013. Compliance act as an asset for the business and to avoid confusion company is required to maintain a register to fill in all the statutory change.Noncompliance can lead to penalties and other legal issues pertaining to the Company. All the financial records should be maintained carefully in order to file accurate annual returns.

Adhering to the Corporate Compliance law saves company form the penal provisions & prosecution.

We at AeTx Consulting Private Limited make sure that

  1. The first board meeting is held on time and every year annual general meeting is arranged.

  2. There is no hindrance in appointment of auditor.

  3. Annual Return form filings and e-forms are timely filed.

  4. Financial statements filed are accurate.

  5. We examine information in detail for Statutory audit and Income audit complainces.

  6. The requirement for various other compliances which need to be done as and when any event takes place in the Company is fulfilled too so there are no additional fees or penalty levied.

Story / Achievement / reaffirmation about our services

AeTx follows all the ROC compliances while forming clients starups and hence making the business flourish. Our clients are gratified since we maintain statutory registers and records for clients as required by company law so their company doesn't face any challenges.Our clients are satisfied with the control we have on compliances in order not to delay in any filings and therefore no additional fees for company to pay.

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