Capital Structure Planning

Capital Structure Planning

Capital structure means the arrangement of capital from different sources so that the long-term funds needed for the business are raised.It is the combination of debt and equity securities that comprise a firm’s financing of its assets.

Capital structure refers to an arrangement of the different components of business funds, i.e. shareholder’s funds and borrowed funds in proper proportion. A business organization utilizes the funds for meeting the everyday expenses and also for budgeting high-end future projects.Components of Capital Structure are shareholder's funds, Equity Capital, Preference Capital, Retained Earnings, Borrowed funds, Debentures, Term Loans and Public Deposits.Capital structuring is an essential function of the management to maintain a sound financial position of the business and fulfil the financial requirements.

We at AeTx Consulting Private Limited while Capital Structuring make sure that

  1. We create mobility of sources of fund by including maximum alternatives in planned capital structure.

  2. Company's financial requirements are met.

  3. The tax deductions on borrowed funds are done timely.

  4. We plan an appropriate composition of debt and equity.

  5. We improvize capital structure from time to time.

  6. Minimization of the overall cost of capital.

  7. Capital Structure decisions are revised and updated so that we adhere to new rules and regulations based on government policies annd financial institutions.

  8. The form is accurately filled online from basic details of the investee to the amount whether investment is under Automatic route or Approval route.

  9. The board meeting is scheduled to allot the shares.

  10. All the payments are made as aligned in the compliance.

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AeTx for startups tries to get minimum debt and reduce the overall risk of the company.Its important to adjust according to the business environment which we have experience in.

With considerable ingenuity we keep on working on new ideas for our clients to get funds from new resources at low risk.

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