Transfer Pricing Bench Marking & Book Building

FACT : One of our current client, expert in Technology , having superb niche market share in USA and back office in India, in first 1.5 year of business start did not know , nor was advised by prior consulting fresher team, about Transfer Pricing Applicability, and landed up paying huge taxes in both country and exposure risk to TP Audit by tax authorities.

When do i have to worry about Transfer pricing ?

Check on Transfer Pricing Compliance When your India Business does transition like below with your own company outside India

  • Sale or Purchase of goods or services.

  • Giving on rent or on royalty.

  • Giving or Taking Loan or Security amounts.

  • Any business transaction which will Increase or Decrease your Indian business Profit or loss or Assets or liability or ownership. :-)

What do I do ! if have done such transaction?

Do bit of more google research , which we are sure you will do , if you are reading this line.


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What are the Different Method of checking Arm's Lenght Price.

Even though for sake of information we are writing this for you, however it will be of no use or help to you unless you are a professional.

for example : Its like asking a doctor , which all medicines can cure my body pain, but even after knowing all , you can not decide which one to take and side-effects.

  1. CUP - Comparable Uncontrolled Price Method.

  2. RPM - Resale Price Method.

  3. CPM - Cost Plus Method.

  4. PSM - Profit Split Method.

  5. TNMM - Transactional Net Margin Method.

  6. Such other methods as may be prescribed.

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